Import People via SFTP


    Share911 offers a secure SFTP server which customers may use to update employee data or remove terminated employees. The format is standard XLS, XLSX, or CSV and the file would typically be generated from an employee database so that the process can be automated.


    File Format

    The file format used is the same as outlined in Import People via Spreadsheet and Import Students and Guardians via Spreadsheet.  Please see those documents for details.


    SFTP Setup

    You will need three things:

    1. A Share911 account with Manage Users permissions on the channels you wish to grant access to.
    2. An SFTP User ID which we will provide.
    3. An RSA key file for authentication, which we will provide.

    Share911 uses RSA key files rather than passwords to authenticate with our SFTP server.  

    Upload Steps

    1. Connect to Share911's FTP server
    2. Upload your data file to the "uploads" directory.
    3. Once processing is complete, an email with a link to the results will be sent to the user who performed the import.

    NOTE: Results are visible to all users who have Manage Users permission for the affected channels.  To view latest results, click "Import Results" under the User Menu. 

    You can also find a csv version of the results on the SFTP server in the "downloads" directory.

    Connection Examples

    You can use any SFTP client to upload your data file. For example Filezilla.

    1. Generic SFTP Client

    Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol


    Port: 22 (or leave blank)

    Logon Type: Key file

    User: <User ID of Share911 Account>

    Key file: <path to your RSA key file>

    2. FileZilla 3.53.0

    Select your private RSA key file on the connection screen below:

    Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 2.15.54 PM

    3. FileZilla Pro

    Follow the steps outlined here: