Checking In

The Check-In feature of Share911 makes it super easy for you to let everyone you work with know if you need help, are in danger or if you are OK when an emergency is happening in your workplace. 

This overview is designed to introduce you to the basic process of checking in. While you may see different check-in options and locations, the functionality is the same.

IMPORTANT: When an alert is received you must take the action in the alert and get safe. Once it's safe to do so check-in and share your status.

Access the check-in feature
There are multiple ways to access the check-in page. You can click the link in the text message, tap the push notification, click anywhere on the desktop alert screen or you can click the check-in button on LiveView (below).  You can always get to LiveView by opening the slide menu by clicking the 3 lines in the upper right corner.

Once on LiveView click the button that says "Check-in"

Select your status

Select your status. 

Select "More Options" to view the secure options for checking-in. 

Select your location.

Provide details specific to the event.

Make sure to click the button that says "Check-in"

Your status is displayed on LiveView

Report Accountability (Optional)

Depending on where you work and the Share911 features your employer has enabled for you, you may be prompted to account for any missing, found or absent persons. If you do not see a Report Accountability page after sharing your check-in, it simply means that you do not have access to this feature and you can skip this section.

If you do see this page and are not missing anyone, no one is absent and you haven't found anyone, simply leave the fields empty and just tap or click "No Report".

If you do see this page and need to report a person(s) missing, found or absent, simply enter their first and last name in the appropriate field and tap or click "Submit Report" when you are done. 

Updating Your Status

If you need to change or update your status you click the button that says "Update" on the LiveView page.