Troubleshooting the Share911 Desktop application

    OSX Locations

    Here are the relevant directories and services used by the Share911 macOS desktop app:

    Console app: system.log
    Application Data:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Share911


    Open at Login:

    The "Open at Login" feature can be turned off via:

    System Settings => General => Login Items


    ISSUE: OSX - Install fails

    If an error occurs during the install process you may see a message such as this:

    In this case, please send the contents of `/var/log/install.log` to so that we can help research what went wrong and correct the issue.

    ISSUE: OSX - Terminal Window appears on computer restart

    If the Share911 desktop application on Mac OSX is installed to the wrong location this causes a Terminal window to open when the computer restarts, similar to this:


    Here are the steps to correct this:

    1. Open System Preferences


    2. Click on Users & Groups


    3. Click on Login Items


    4. Remove the existing Share911 item.  (It will probably have a different icon)


    5. Click "+" sign to add a new Login Item


    6. Select the Share911 application from the Applications directory (Applications --> Share911)