Student Data

    Pre-loading Student Data

    Student data can be pre-loaded into Share911 to speed up Accountability, Reunification, and the use of Share911 during Graduation ceremonies.

    To pre-load the student data, please send a spreadsheet with the following data to

    Example Template

    Click here for a template spreadsheet: Student Data Excel Template


    Descriptions of data fields

    Column Name Description
    Student ID The unique identifier your district assigned to each student.
    Student Firstname The student's given name.
    Student Lastname The student's family name.
    Student Grade The student's current grade: K, 1-12.
    Student Birthdate The student's birthdate. Useful when assisting people match during reunification.
    School ID The unique identifier of the school the student currently attends.
    School Name The name of the school the student currently attends.