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Share911 Wellness - Sample Email to Staff

    As you know, [Your school district] uses Share911 for our emergency communication.  We have now partnered with Share911 to assist us with conducting mandated wellness screenings for students and staff. To help make this daily wellness check quick and easy we will be using the Share911 Wellness software. 

    You should already have the Share911 mobile app.  In case you do not, here are the links to the Apple and Google apps:


    Each day you’ll be reminded to complete the Share911 Wellness screening tool and submit the results to the school district. School nurses will be reviewing this information on a daily basis. 

    To Complete the Wellness Screening log into Share911. Once logged in, you have two options. If you work in multiple schools you will see a large blue bar on the My Channel page, click that bar. If you work in one school, click Check-in and then click the blue Wellness Screening tab. Complete the screening questions and submit them. 

    We want to thank everyone in advance for the help in keeping our schools safe.