Share911 Notify

Notify is FREE. 100% free to use for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States

*free to existing customers that have Alert and Report.  Notify will be added and remain at no additional cost*


What is it?

The Notify feature normally enables the communication of safety concerns and operational disruptions happening at or near your workplace to your employees - it can still be used for that if your workplace is still onsite.

It also can be used to communicate with remote employees via text, email and online.

When you send a notification, each employee can acknowledge that they received it. This acknowledgment feature provides employers with a record of who has acknowledged receipt of the notification. 

Employees can include any needs for assistance or questions within their acknowledgment.

You can use Share911 Notify to send:

  • COVID-19 updates

  • Operational issues - including building closures or remote work directives 

  • Business continuity issues

  • Public safety activity happening near your facility or in your community

  • Road closures

  • Mass transit disruptions

*Please note that to create a ‘Notification or Update’ you need special permission called “Create Notification.”  


How does it work?

Step 1:  Access the Notify Feature from a computer or mobile device web-browser 


Step 2: Select the type of notification you wish to send by selecting the safety concern or condition, or “other” for all other notifications. In this case, we will select “Other > Remote Work Day” to let employees know it’s a remote workday.


Step 3:  Select which channels should receive this notification. In this case, we are selecting ALL CHANNELS because we want all employees to work remotely.



Step 4: Select who to notify within those channels. In this case, we will select EVERYONE



Step 5: Make sure the current status is ACTIVE, which indicates that this is a new notification


Step 6: Share details relating to the notification. This field is optional but recommended.



Step 7: Click on “Create Notification” 


Please note that this notification will not be sent to 911 or public safety agencies and is to be used solely for internal use at your school or place of business.


Once you click CREATE NOTIFICATION, the notification will be sent to all employees via text message and email.  All active notifications will appear on the LiveView page under “Notifications”. To view a specific notification, tap or click it open



Step 8: Employees can acknowledge the notification


Employees then click on the notification to acknowledge that they received it.  By clicking on the notification in Liveview, you can see who has acknowledged the notification and who has not.  




If you have an update to an active notification, tap or click on “Update Incident” in the upper right-hand corner or screen.  When the incident is complete, you can change the current status from active to completed and then click on “Update.”