Share911 Emails - Whitelisting

Our invitation and onboarding process utilizes email and whitelisting will prevent our invites from ending up in your employees junk or spam folder, instead of their inbox.

When an emergency is happening in your workplace, Share911 may send large numbers of emails to your workforce which contain emergency alerts and messages. Your email server is likely set up to protect against a large number of emails being sent from the same domain to all of your employees. This email blast can be blocked or severely slowed by some email servers.

Simply white-listing us on your email server will let the server know that emails from Share911 are authorized and are not spam. 

When whitelisting, please ask your IT department if they support SPF/DKIM.  If SPK/DKIM is not supported they will need to whitelist by our IP addresses:
IP Addresses:,

NOTE: If SPK/DKIM is supported please whilelist While we don’t anticipate changing IP addresses, we may in the future.

Additional settings may be required to indicate that rate-limiting should not be enabled, but your IT staff would know what is required.


IP Addresses: