Saved Messages - Broadcast Alerts

You can create saved messages to be included in Broadcast Alerts. 

To create a saved message log into the channel that you want to add the saved messages. You must do this for all the channels that you want to use this feature. 

Click your name or menu icon in the upper right-hand corner -> Manage Channel -> Broadcasting -> Saved Messages -> enter your message in the text box. 

Format the message as follows, splitting the button label and the message text with a '|':

  Button label | Pre-written message

For example:

  Message for Lockdown | Run Hide Fight, Report Your Status

  Church | Please evacuate the building and go to the church.

  Intersection | Please evacuate the building and go to the intersection of Vine & Cross.

The message will autosave when complete. 

Check your message on the Broadcast Alert page. On that page you will see the message tab, click the message tab that you created. The message will appear in the comment box and be included in the Broadcast Alert.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to click the big red or green button that says Broadcast to ALL recipients!