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Letter to IT Department

Attention: IT Department As you know, we are going to be using Spare911 to manage our emergency communications.

To ensure that the Share911 software works properly in our environment, please perform the following tasks:

1. Whitelist Share911

Share911 will send email alerts to all employees. This email blast can be blocked or severely slowed by some email servers. We request that share911.com be whitelisted. If you do not support SPF/DKIM, please whitelist our sender IP addresses: IP Addresses:, NOTE: If SPF/DKIM is supported please whitelist Share911.com. While Share911 does not anticipate changing IP addresses, they may change in the future.

2. Check Settings for Rate Control

Some Share911 customers have strict “Rate Control” settings for receiving emails from an outside source. Rate Control helps protect against denial of service attacks on your email servers. However, it can also reject Share911 emails. Please make sure that emails from the “@share911.com” domain can get through in a timely manner.

3. Check Policy for Receipt from External Sources

When a new hire is provided with a work email address, delivery from internal sources is generally immediately available. However, some email policies, such as those used by Google, will block delivery of email from external sources until a certain period of time has elapsed. This can cause the invite email from Share911 to be blocked for these new hires and delay onboarding. If your organization has such a policy, please ensure that the new hire’s enrollment process with Share911 is not initiated until the cooldown period for external emails has elapsed.

4. Install Desktop Notification

The Share911 Desktop Notification Application may be downloaded by individual users or pushed out via group policy. If you prefer to automate installation for your end-users, please find the relevant files here: https://help.getshare911.com/download-latest-version-of-share911-desktop.