How to Use the Do Not Disturb Feature on Android Devices to Receive Share911 Alerts

For those of you that wish to keep your phone on silent, but still wish to receive Share911 alerts on your Android phone follow these simple instructions.

•Add Share 911 as a contact (use the number you received your activation notification from)

•Set a unique alert tone for the Share 911 Contact (for text messages)

•(Verizon users using message+, click on the Share911 text message, click the 3 vertical dots on the upper right corner, click customize, and tones to set this unique alert tone)

•Make the contact a “Favorite” by opening the contact and clicking the star.

•Got to Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > Do Not Disturb (DND)> Allow Exceptions

•In the Allow Exceptions Settings select Custom

•Here you can allow calls and messages from “favorite contacts only”

•In order to use this function you have to put your device in Do Not Disturb Mode not just turning the volume down. (this is also done through the Sounds and Vibrations settings)

•You can also set the DND function to automatically turn on and off during scheduled times and days.

•You can only set this up in DND mode for text messages and calls, not emails. Because the Share 911 messages are received via text and not call you must set this unique tone for text messages in order to still get an audible alert while in DND mode

Important Safety Note: During an actual emergency, you may decide that it is best for your phone to no longer make a sound after you receive the initial alert. In that case, go into your settings and disable the Do Not Disturb feature.