How do You Use Share911 as a Substitute Teacher

What channel do I use?

As a substitute teacher, you will have access to multiple channels.  

Although you are a member of your district’s Substitute and Visitor channel, you will have access to all school channels within the district. Thus, when checking in or broadcasting an alert (if you have permission to do so), you must ensure that you are on the correct channel; that is, the channel which is having the emergency. You may check-in to or broadcast from the Substitute and Visitor channel but you must make sure that you select the correct building. 


The best way to ensure that you are checking in to the correct channel is to click on the link in the text or email that you receive.  The link will take you directly to the check-in page of the channel that is having the emergency.


What do I do if I receive an alert from another school?

There may be instances when you will receive an alert about an emergency happening at another school in your district other than the one in which you are currently working.  You will need to check with your administrator to see how they want to handle these situations.  You may be asked to check-in that you are “off-site” or they may ask that you not check-in at all and simply ignore those alerts.  


Substitutes receive alerts and emergency check-ins assuming they have these permissions turned on.