How do I remove an employee from Share911

You can easily remove users to your Share911 account.

To remove a user,

  1. Login to Share911
  2. Select the Channel you wish to remove them from.
  3. In the upper right corner, click or tap on the drop-down menu and select Manage People
  4. Select User Directory
  5. Either type in the person's name or click on Last Name and select the First Initial of the users last name to locate them.
  6. Click or tap on the word Actions to the right of their name.
  7. Click or tap Remove from Channel to remove them.

Be advised that this feature does not remove the user from any other Share911 channel they may be a member of. If the user is a member of another channel you should repeat steps 2 - 8.

Once a user is removed, they will no longer have access to the Share911 Channel you removed them from nor will they receive alerts related to that channel.