How do I Check-in Parents during Reunification?

There are three (3) ways that parents can check-in:

(1)  You can direct parents and guardians to register themselves when they arrive at the Reunification Site by going to and entering a custom code (you can tell us what you would like that code to be).  Once they enter the code, they are taken to a form to fill out.  They then enter their name, cell phone number, relationship to the student, student’s date of birth, grade, and student’s cell phone number.  They then click on “Submit Reunification Form” and the parent is registered.



(2)  If a parent is unable to register on their mobile device then you can make computers and kiosks available for them to do this.


(3)  A third option is to have members of your Reunification Team sitting at computers, or on mobile devices walking through the crowd, registering the parents. 


When you click on the Parent/Guardian list you will see that the status of the parent is “not verified.”



 Verification is the process of ensuring that a certain adult is authorized to pick up a student.  You can have a verification team (presumably members of your Reunification Team) working anywhere in the district (they do not have to be at the Reunification Zone).  These individuals should have access to a computer (or mobile device) that is tied into your SIS (Student Information System) so that they can verify the parents/guardian. Once they have determined that an adult is authorized to pick up a student, they click on “Verify Parent/Guardian.”  



The status of the parent then changes to “Verified” on the parent list.


When you click on “Verified” (under status) you can match the parent with the student.  Select “Students at Reunification” and you will see the student's names and grades appear.  The adult may be authorized to pick up more than one student.  That is why we have the matching process.  




After you select the student(s) and go back to the Parent/Guardian List, you will notice that the status has changed to “Cleared to reunify.”


Now it is time for your runner team, the staff who are in between the students and the authorized parents and guardians, to start reunification.  They can look at the information on the system and see all of the students who are cleared to be reunified with their parents and guardians. Because we have the parents’ and students’ cell phone numbers in the system, it makes it very easy for the runners to get in contact with them by either texting them or calling them and arranging a location to meet.  If the student does not have a cell phone then the runner recovers the student from the student staging area and brings him or her out to the family waiting area.  Once the student has been handed to the parent or guardian, the runner clicks “Cleared to be reunified” in the Parent/Guardian List and then clicks on “Reunify” in blue and the process is complete.