Exporting Users on Share911

Share911’s export feature allows you to see all users on a specific channel (or channel group) and print a report and/or export the report to an excel or csv spreadsheet. 


The export report has all the information about the users on Share911. For example we provide the date they joined Share911, permissions, group assignments, channels assigned, and other useful information.


How To Export Users

To export users, go to the Manage People page (accessed by the drop-down menu under your name) and select “Export Users.”


You will see a list of all users on the channel.  To export a list of users simply click on either “csv” or “excel” underneath “Export Users” at the top left-hand side of the screen.  This will download a spreadsheet of users in the format you chose.



Exporting ALL users in a Channel Group

In addition to exporting users from a specific channel, you can export all users from a Channel Group by going to the Channel Group channel and following the steps outlined above.  You will see ALL users on ALL channels within that Channel Group. For example, to see all users within a school district, as opposed to a specific school, go to the Channel Group channel and follow the above steps.


Permission Needed

To access the Manage People page, and be able to export users, you will need “Manage People” permission.  If you need this permission, please contact your Share911 administrator.